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• Saturday, January 16th, 2010

So, today was disheartening. Awesome client, awesome house, awesomely excited…and the dreaded home inspection day came.
Hands down, when I talk to clients before, during, and after transactions the home inspection is the most dreaded, nerve racking, grueling experience of all when making a home purchase… and selling a home!

So here’s my wise phrase that I use: EVERYONE involved feels the same way. The agents, the seller, the buyer, heck, even the mortgage person handling the loan! Every house has something wrong with it. Even brand spankin new construction will have a flaw- human beings build homes and there is room for human error, there are cosmetics that will be affected by a house being marketed/viewed, there are hidden elements that any upstanding and competent home owner can accidentally overlook.

There are certain things that will be deal breakers for different people. Home inspections are all different. There are good inspectors and bad inspectors. There are little things and big things. There are certain things that are found that would be nothing to one buyer, and everything to another. They are SUBJECTIVE in all rights of the word.

That said, there are ways to avoid the dreaded home inspection’s potential devastation…
For sellers of existing homes, have it pre-inspected by someone you know, like, and trust. If you don’t know any inspectors, handy men, or other home professionals, call an agent and get some recommendations.
For buyer’s, don’t get too excited about things that turn up on the inspection until you have done some research, talked to your agent, and/or talked to a professional who can explain things to you.

Half the battle has been fought by the time we get to the home inspection. The rest of the battlefield is the half that leads to HOME!…so put down your bludgeoning tool and take a deep breath! Short of a sink hole, tectonic plate movement, or dead bodies int he basement, almost everything is fixable :) Even if a deal falls apart due to a home inspection for one buyer, repairs can be made, and the next buyer may have a completely different outlook:)

But…for now…looks like me, the buyer, and the seller all get to go back to the drawing bored. Yippee. LOL!


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