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• Thursday, December 02nd, 2010




I can show you any property on the market in Middle Tennessee! You can Click here to perform a Rutherford County MLS Property Search, or just give me a call and I will do all of the searching for you!

Jackie Hogencamp is also a journalist and columnist for the MurfreesboroNewsPress!


Runner Up for: Favorite Realtor (Rutherford Co.) 16th Annual Ruthies Awards

True Real Estate professionalism is an ever-changing art in our correcting Real Estate market. We are truly fortunate to be in a changed but healthy market here in Middle Tennessee, and I pride myself on being on the cutting edge of the technology, trends, and changes that we face in the Real
Estate industry currently.

I am in constant communication with my buyers and sellers, and utilize the many tools at my disposal to effectively market my listings, and search for my buyers. I run my business as a high energy, heavily connected, technology-driven entity that has proven to be remarkably effective even as
our market continues to correct its self.

Though I use technology to market my properties, I market my self primarily through referrals. Referrals are the highest compliment of a job well done.

Professional Organizations:
Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors, Tennessee Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors

2007 Rookie of the Year Award
2007 Silver Award in Sales

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, with an emphasis in Graphic Communications, as well as my affiliate broker’s license in Real Estate.

Community Involvement:
* Coach Indoor Soccer, Basketball, JR Pro Cheerleading for all age groups
* Donate a percentage of each transaction to the Make-A-Wish Foundation
* Active in charitable walks/runs benefiting AIDS, Cancer, and Child Advocacy
* Member of the Chamber of Commerce in Rutherford County

Office Phone: (615) 896-4040

Cell Phone: (615) 507-9349

Fax Number: (615) 523-8787

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• Wednesday, June 02nd, 2010

Murfreesboro, TN (Rutherford County) is one of the fastest growing communities in Tennessee and is located about 38 miles south of Nashville, TN. This medium-sized community is loaded with everything you need as a family, single professional, or retiree. Homes for sale in Murfreesboro range from $45,000 – $1,000,000 plus. Murfreesboro’s wide-range of diversity includes new construction, garden homes, custom estate homes, farms/land, and historic homes in downtown Murfreesboro.

Murfreesboro, TN is loaded with historical significance and homes for sale are near shopping, beautiful parks, a dog park, churches, nature trails, restaurants, Stones River, and some of the best public schools in Middle Tennessee. Home to Middle Tennessee State University and several large employers, locals rate Murfreesboro as one of the best places to raise a family.

The Bob Parks real estate agents are considered the most respected in Middle Tennessee real estate not only because they are committed to excellence, but some of them are Middle Tennessee natives for many generations. I’d be proud to be your Murfreesboro Realtor.

My website  allows you to search for your next dream home regardless of which real estate company has listed it.

Murfreesboro Resources:

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• Wednesday, June 02nd, 2010

Click here for: Homes for Sale in Franklin, TN!

Franklin, TN (Williamson County) is known as one of America’s most distinctive destinations by The National Trust for Historic Preservation and Franklin was voted as one of the top ten places to retire by Money magazine. Franklin, Tennessee also made Southern Living’s ”Best Small Town” top ten list.

Located about 25 miles from downtown Nashville, Franklin, TN offers a unique blend of refined living and chic family suburbs combined with urban lifestyles. In downtown Frankin you’ll find antique shops, historic Franklin homes, trendy shopping, and great places to eat or enjoy a cocktail at The Factory.   

Homes for sale in Franklin, TN include historic Franklin homes, Franklin condos, family-centered neighborhoods, and custom-built Franklin estates.
Franklin, Tennessee offers many beautiful subdivisions full of wonderful Franklin homes for sale and Franklin real estate.

Search Franklin Homes by Subdivision
Want to see all Frankin, TN real estate subdivisions? BobParks.com has assembled a comprehensive list to help with your Franklin home search by subdivision.

View Franklin Real Estate Subdivisions
As is typically the case in communities, some Frankin subdivisions are larger and more populated that others. BobParks.com built more thorough information on those subdivisions in Franklin, their real estate, homes for sale, and more.

Major Franklin Real Estate Subdivisions

Franklin, TN Real Estate Resources 

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·      Homes for Sale in Franklin, TN

·      Contact Me to List Your Home

·      Home Search by Franklin, TN Schools

·      Auctions in Franklin

·      Find a Home in Williamson County

·      Learn more about Franklin

·      Franklin City Schools


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• Thursday, May 13th, 2010

On April 29, the Rutherford County Budget, Finance, & Investment Committee met to discuss the 2010–2011 budget.

From the Committee’s website:

“The duties of this committee include preparation of the county budget, review of requests. for bond issues, and appropriations of county monies prior to any action by the full Board. The committee studies and recommends taxes and other means of financing the county’s programs and handles the sale of delinquent property.…”

The next Committee meeting is scheduled for June 10,  at the Historic County Courthouse, 2nd Floor, Room 205.

You can find out more at the Committee’s website, http://www.rutherfordcountytn.gov/committee_budget.htm .

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• Sunday, May 02nd, 2010

An unexpected super surge in sales in March 2010 has many of us in the industry, and many buyers and sellers jumping for joy. As consumer confidence continues to rise, buyers and sellers continue to become more adapted to the current market, and real estate professionals continue to exude professionalism in our continually correcting market, real estate sales are abounding in a positive and promising way.

According to Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, it is positively promising to see an expansive home sales rebound in nearly every corner of America. This rebound has two resounding trends: “Sales have been above year-ago levels for nine straight months, and inventory has trended down from year-ago levels for 20 months running,” he said. “The home buyer tax credit has been a resounding success as these underlying trends point to a broad stabilization in home prices. This is preserving perhaps $1 trillion in largely middle class housing wealth that may have been wiped out without the housing stimulus measure.”

This spring time sales surge has birds singing in the Real Estate industry, but behind the sunshine there is a cloud looming. What happens after the tax credit ends? According to NAR Chief Economist Yun:

“With home values stabilizing, a revival in home buying confidence will likely help the housing market get back on its feet even as the tax credit impact disappears,” Yun said.

With any luck, this statement will resonate to be true, and every home owner in even the farthest reaching corners of America will breathe a heavy sigh of relief. When looking at each region of America, the correction is resoundingly positive and numbers across the board have increased, even if only nominally. Here in the South, existing-home sales showed an increase of 7.1% for an annual level of 1.97 million in March 2010 and are 13.9% higher than in 2009. The median home value was $154,800, up 5.2% from March 2009.

With 4 days left to get contracted and benefit from the Home Buyer Tax Credit, I am gearing up for a busy week. If anyone needs help buying or selling, or just needs some positive words of wisdom about real estate…feel free to call me:)

Happy House Hunting!!!

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Article By:

Jackie HogencampMurfreesboro Realtor

Office Phone: (615) 896-4040

Cell Phone: (615) 507-9349

Fax Number: (615) 523-8787

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• Saturday, April 24th, 2010

When down-the-road rival and SEC baseball heavy hitting Vanderbilt comes to town, expect to see the ball fly.  Unfortunately, the Blue Raiders were on the losing end of Wednesday night’s game, but not before some late-game excitement provided by Bryce Brentz.
In the bottom of the ninth, the junior hit a 2-run homerun to get the Blue Raiders within 1 run at 10-11.  It wasn’t enough to win, but was definitely a great effort by Brentz.  He was 2 for 5 on the night, with a double as well as the homer.  Most notable at the plate was Justin Guidry.  This sophomore had a 4 for 5 evening at the plate and scored a run.  Several other players hit the ball well too, giving the Blue Raiders 14 hits total for the game.
The pitching was off this night, but most teams have bad nights on the mound against Vanderbilt.  MTSU used 5 different pitchers with Hunter Adkins getting the loss.  This freshman definitely will improve and has a bright future for the Blue Raiders.
Once again this ball-club provided us with another entertaining game.  They lost, but their effort was there.  Vanderbilt is a really good team and when you lose to them by only 1 run, you’ve certainly played a good game.  After all, Vanderbilt is in most polls ranked 15th or better, and regarded by most as a national power-house.  
Don’t get me wrong, you always want a win, but this loss wasn’t as hard to swallow.  These guys showed guts and didn’t back down one bit.  It was a great night for baseball and as usual Reese Smith Jr. Field was a baseball-lovers paradise.  

Be sure and come out and support this hard-working team as they host Arkansas Little-Rock this weekend in a 3-game series beginning Friday night at 6.  Hope to see you all there for this inner-conference 3-day slugfest.

Article By: Eric Broadrick

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• Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

As the tax credit winds down, we are seeing many people who have not yet committed to a property scrambling to get in under the First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit deadline. The tax credit is part of the Worker, Homeownership, Business Assistance Act of 2009.

As it stands, the tax credit of $8000 for 1st time home buyers, and $6500 for existing home owners who meet certain guidelines, is set to end on April 30, 2010. In order to receive the credit, there must be a binding contract in place on a property by April 30, and it must be closed on or before June 30.

In order to qualify, a “first time home buyer” must be a person who has never owned a home OR who hasn’t had an interest in a principal residence in the last 3 years, the home that is being purchased must be the purchaser’s principal residence, and there are certain income guidelines that must be met.

A survey of more than 1,500 sales agents  by Campbell/Inside Mortgage Finance found a record 48.2 percent of home purchases were first-time home buyers in March. This is an almost 2% increase of over even last October (46.9%), when the original Tax Credit incentive was set to expire in November 2009. This recent almost 50% share of market activity by first time home buyers sets a record. And it’s a record that will trickle up to affect the other price points, markets, and demographics that comprise the modern Real Estate landscape.

The Extension and Expansion of the Tax Credit:

In November of 2009 the Tax Credit was extended, and expanded to encompass and benefit a broader range of home buyers and owners…

In order for a purchaser to qualify for the expanded tax credit designed for  home owners who are selling in the current marketplace, there are also income guidelines, and the home being sold must have been consecutively used for 5 of the last 8 years as the seller’s primary residence.

This expanded aspect of the tax credit will benefit those whose home may be being purchased by the first time home owners,  those who are moving move up, as well as those who may be downsizing. Essentially, if a person has had a significant amount of time in their current home, there is tremendous potential to not only make a profit on the sell, but also get that added incentive, thus creating a balanced and thriving market in varied price points, and driving more money into the economy. It’s a win/win:)

With 10 days left and counting, I have seen an increase in showings, calls, and activity across the board. Looks like I’m not the only procrastinator I know. LOL! The beauty of procrastination in this case is that the winding down of the tax credit in conjunction with the Spring boost in sales, is making for an uplifting and promising selling season! With consumer confidence raised, and happy buyers and sellers, we are currently looking at a correcting market on the upswing.

Article By: Jackie HogencampMurfreesboro Homes For Sale

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• Monday, April 05th, 2010

A Brief History of Murfreesboro, Tennessee

- In 1811, the Tennessee State Legislature established a county seat for Rutherford County. The town was first named “Cannonsburgh” in honor of Tennessee politician Newton Cannon, but was soon renamed “Murfreesboro” for Revolutionary War hero Colonel Hardy Murfree, later the great-grandfather of author Mary Noailles Murfree.

As Tennessee grew westward, it became clear that having the state capital in Knoxville would be a burden to those who had to travel from the western end of the state. In 1818, Murfreesboro became the capital of Tennessee until 1826, when Nashville became the state capital.

On December 31, 1862, the Battle of Stones River, also called the Battle of Murfreesboro, was fought near Murfreesboro. This was a major engagement of the American Civil War. After the battle, Murfreesboro was used as a supply depot for the Union Army. Stones River National Battlefield is now an historical site.

Murfreesboro’s Geography

Murfreesboro is located at 35°50′46″N 86°23′31″W.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 39.2 square miles (102 km2). 39.0 square miles (101 km2) of it is land and 0.2 square miles (0.52 km2) of it (0.54%) is water.

Murfreesboro is the geographic center of the state of Tennessee. A stone monument marks the official site on Old Lascassas Pike, about a half-mile (800 m) north of MTSU.

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